Your one stop copy and print service provider



Fastcopy is a photocopy and print service provider specialising in fast turn around of copy and print jobs for businesses of all sizes.We also do wide format full-colour graphics and plan printing.


Don't confuse us with the conventional printer, as in "Lithographers". In fact, a number of Printers use us for work that is more suitable for the digital environment.


If your company is in the process of sourcing new copier and print equipment, we urge you to consider the Fastcopy alternative - its fast, simple and very competitive.


It's no secret that increasing consumable costs, shrinkage of paper and toner inks in the office, together with locked-in rental contracts can be costly.


By outsourcing your volume digital print and copy jobs to Fastcopy, you will start to control these costs and always be guaranteed of the best quality and turn around times.


Submitting jobs to our print and copy facility is as simple as using the online Request  Quote tool and uploading your files to our online document store.


We will undertake to deliver within 24 hours. Shorter lead times are available on request.