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If you need documents printed or copies made, then you are at the right place. Our fast and efficient digital print and copy facility will let you get the job done in no time


Select the Request Quote button on the left menu, insert the relevant instructions, upload the file(s) and we'll get the quote and job out in no time.


Whether you are a small business or large corporate looking for an alternative to doing the job yourself, that's what we do!    Make us your number one digital print and copy  outsourced service provider 


Here are 5 good reasons why you should be outsourcing your print and copying needs to Fastcopy


  • Get rid of the huge expense of buying photocopy and laser print equipment that most of the time will be under utilised

  • Relieve yourself of the long-term lock-in to Rental and Service Contracts

  • Control spending and reduce shrinkage on Paper and Toner in the office.

  • Enjoy the highest degree of service delivery and product quality

  • Always be sure of sourcing print and copy requirements at highly competitive pricing




Fast Turn Around


We strive to offer the best customer service and turnaround for print and copy services. Don't leave your next important project to chance - trust the experts - trust Fastcopy.   


By the way, Fastcopy offers free pickup and delivery. So if you can't get the job to us, just schedule a call for a pickup and we'll be there in no time.


When submitting files electronically its always a good idea to convert your file into a .pdf format. This makes the file more portable and will ensure fonts and formatting of the document will stay intact. If you do not have a .pdf converter you can get a very dynamic free pdf converter here